Mason Ziedonis

Mason Ziedonis

Software Engineer



About Me

Hey! I’m Mason.

I have a passion for creating innovative things as intuitively and user-friendly as possible. No day goes by without conceiving a new algorithm, idea, or implementation for current and future projects alike. It does not suit me to blend in with the rest of the crowd – I work on ideas that I know can help more people than just myself.

21 years old

3rd-year Computer Science Major at UC-Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

508 - 439 - 3919

mziedonis (at) berkeley (dot) edu

I am currently a junior at the University of California, Berkeley where I am pursuing a degree in computer science. How did I begin down this path? Well, I have always been a curious thinker, enthusiastic learner, and a highly-motivated individual. I attended multiple computer science summer camps during middle school and high school. Doing what almost all adolescents love to do, I started my education with game development (Unreal Engine). Though fun, I soon learned that I would not get far as a middle schooler - without any knowledge of computer science fundamentals - trying to create blockbuster computer games by myself.

I then hopped over to Team Treehouse to learn languages that I could write and release finished products with all by myself – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I started to reach out to local small businesses who had outdated websites or no online presence at all. Learning how to pitch my service, work with the ever-changing needs of my clients, and launch products for happy business owners - all as a high schooler - was a process that was very rewarding to me both emotionally and professionally.

Through my good work and fast growing network, I began to acquire more and more opportunities to challenge my technical skills; almost every project resulted in a referral to a colleague who was either in need of my help or who was willing to mentor me throughout a project. Please visit my work and projects page to read full descriptions of everything I have worked on.

These extracurricular activities helped me acquire adept interpersonal, leadership, and technical skills that continue to grow stronger every day. I would love to hear from you! If you would like to connect for any reason at all, please send me a message on any of my social media accounts or on my contact page.